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Litigation Law

Aanand Kumar Sethi & Associates render comprehensive Litigation Law Services to the clients. Our lawyers have vast knowledge in law and fine legal research. Thus, they are able to provide the clients with fruitful solutions. By providing excellent solutions, to the clients, today we are well-reckoned in the industry. Further, our Litigation Law Services include services in trial courts, tribunals, high court and Supreme Court.

Family Law

Family Law is one of our major specializations and we are widely appreciated among our clients for our consistent record in this field. We have a qualified and experienced legal team that is well versed in all the details regarding the area of Family Law. Our team continually research and updates itself with all the developments and changed in this filed so that we can serve our clients better.

Agency and Franchise Law

India has a bright and promising future as a potential market for all sorts of goods from the essentials to the luxury items. Franchise has emerged as an encouraging path for local businesses to achieve success within their diverse sectors. We take great pleasure in the fact that we are one of the major names associated with the Agency and Franchise Law.

Consumer Law

Aanand Kumar Sethi & Associates is the eminent names in the field of Consumer Law. Our company assists the clients and offers consistent support to them in the consumer affairs. We ensure that the interests of the clients are protected. Our panel of lawyers and legal experts has proven experience in this field and so we are able to offer our clients reliable advice and counsel. We pay strict attention to the grievances of our clients and thus we are able to guide them in the right direction.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law is the core expertise of our company. Our legal experts and professionals guide the clients to every step of the way and ensure that their solutions are delivered to them as per the stipulated time schedule. Intellectual property registration grants a person with exclusive rights over his intellectual property and enables him to use it as he desires. Our company is a distinguished name in the field of Intellectual Property Law.

Divorce Law

We offer to our clients our dedicated services and assistance in the field of Divorce Law. Our company holds a team of legal experts and lawyers well versed in all the aspects and details regarding this field. We constantly innovate and improvise our resources so that we can serve our clients efficiently.

Corporate Law Practice

Aanand Kumar Sethi & Associates take great pride in offering our reliable and unswerving services and assistance in the field of Corporate Law Practice. We have a team of qualified and experienced lawyers and Industry experts who are well versed in the various aspects of the field. We are greatly appreciated for the timely solutions and the dedications that we have towards our clients. Our company has the best interest of the clients in mind.

Contract Drafting and Vetting

Our expertise in the field of Contract Drafting and Vetting and is widely appreciated by clients everywhere. Our team of legal experts takes great efforts to ensure that proper contracts are drawn which protect the interest of the clients. We are proficient in drafting all types of documents for clients regarding all kinds of transactions and negotiations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our clients appreciate our reliable and consistent assistance and counsel in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. We have earned the trust of our clients and are regarded as the reputed solution provider in the industry. Our team includes seasoned lawyers who have in depth knowledge about the various aspects in Alternative Dispute Resolution. The Resolution is essentially a convenient way to resolve the disputes between parties.

Civil Law

Our associate lawyers have long experience in dealing with cases related to Civil Law, like Property Disputes, Landlord and Tenant Disputes, Contractual Disputes and Specific Performance of Contracts, Trust and Society Disputes, Matters relating to Charitable endowments and trusts, Money recovery suits, Title Disputes, Injunctions, Land Acquisition matters, etc.

Dishonouring of Cheques

Under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, Dishonouring of Cheques by the holder of a bank account, issuing the cheque without having sufficient balance in the account in relation to discharge of a liability is a criminal offence and attracts fine, as well as sentence of imprisonment.

Criminal Law

anand Kumar Sethi & Associates lawyers have long experience in dealing with Criminal Cases for clients. Indian Penal Code, 1860 and other Criminal Laws define various offences, for which the accused of the offence is/are tried before the competent courts of law and Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 provides the procedure for conduct of trials, investigations and inquiries.